close is a minecraft survival server built for adventure lovers. Join your
friends to explore a vast world filled with tough mobs, huge cities,
storyline quests, amazing weapons and magic, and much more.
No complicated rules. No griefing. Just minecraft at its best.
FACTIONS/PVP NOW AVAILABLE! Accessible from a portal at spawn, Lycea now includes an entirely new world for those of us who love PVP and Factions! Team up with friends to build your empire and conquer enemy factions, including all the great magic and adventure elements of the PVE world.

WHAT IS LYCEA? Lycea is a minecraft server built for PVE survival and adventure - expansive towns and shops, full grief prevention, and lots of great new weapons and enchantments.

WHERE CAN I BUILD? You can mine and build anywhere outside of town. Use the North or South portals at the spawn to head out into the wilderness and stake your claim.

When you need supplies or equipment, head back to town with the '/Spawn' command. There are vendors everywhere to buy and sell just about anything!

RECOVERING FROM DEATH Use the /Back command to return to the location where you died and recover your items.
Players in Lycea can use in-game currency to purchase additional land area to protect their buildings, or to purchase items, supplies, or enchantments. You can check your balance with the /Balance command.

EARNING MONEY Vendors in town buy and sell items and materials. Turn everything from cobblestone and wood to emeralds and diamonds into in-game cash by selling to vendors. Throughout the world are churches with priests who will buy mob drops such as spider eyes, bones and zombie flesh.

BUYING LAND You start the game with 25 'claim blocks', blocks of land that only you can modify and use. Use your hard-earned cash to buy more land protection at $10 per block with the /BuyClaimBlocks command.
PROTECTING YOUR LAND WITH CLAIMS A protected area (known as a "claim") is an area that only you can modify. Claims protect your area from grief of any kind, including protecting your animals/pets, containers, and mechanisms. Claims are created by placing a chest, or by using a gold shovel to mark the corners of your claim. When a claim is created, you will see gold blocks at the corners. These blocks can only be seen by you (not other players) and will disappear after a short period of time. Claims extend upwards into the sky and also descend a few blocks into the ground.

To block access to your building, use an iron door and make sure the button is inside your claim.

RESIZING AND CREATING CLAIMS: THE GOLD SHOVEL To resize your claim, equip a gold shovel and right-click any corner of your claim. Then right-click again in the location where you want your claim corner to be moved to. Similarly, you can create a new claim by equipping the gold shovel and right-clicking two corners of any unclaimed area of land.

PROTECTING YOUR ITEMS By default, all chests you place are locked and cannot be opened or used by other players. To add trusted friends, teammates, or to open a chest to the public, use the /LWC command.
  • /Back
    Return to the location you died, to retrieve your items
  • /Help
    Get in-game help on all commands
  • /Home, /SetHome, /DelHome
    Return to (or set, delete) your home location
  • /Spawn
    Return to the main town of Lycea
  • /Tpa
    Request to teleport to a player
  • /TpAccept, /TpDeny
    Accept or deny a teleport request
  • /TpaHere
    Request that a player teleport to you
  • /Warp [location]
    Fast-travel to locations in Lycea. Omit location to view available warps
  • /AFK
    Set/unset AFK status
  • /Ignore [player]
    Ignore/unignore other players
  • /List, /Who
    View who is on the server
  • /Mail
    Send or read mail
  • /Msg [player]
    Send a private message
  • /R, /Reply
    Reply to the last private message
  • /AbandonClaim
    Releases the claim you are standing in. Other players will then be able to edit!
  • /Balance
    Shows how much money you have
  • /BuyClaimBlocks
    Buy more claim blocks with in-game currency ($10 per block)
  • /SellClaimBlocks
    Sell unused claim blocks back to the server
  • /Trust [player]
    Gives a player full access to your claim(s)
  • /Trustlist
    Shows all permissions for the claim you are standing in
  • /Untrust [player]
    Removes a player's access to your claim(s)